Thursday, September 12, 2013

Retail Construction in NYC

Your storefront in New York is key to your business's success. The retail business is continually changing and it is important that companies have someone whom they can rely on for retail construction in NYC. At Pyramid Group, we understand this demand and pride ourselves on being an asset for retail ventures in NYC. When you trust Pyramid Group to build your ideal retail space, you are getting a structure that will last a lifetime. We even take advantage of certified green building materials to cut down on overhead, increasing overall energy efficiency and reducing your stores impact on the environment.
We off retail construction in NYC for:

  • Restaurants - Our contractors maintain a creative and innovative understanding of the restaurant industry. Whether you are looking for laid back or upscale and exclusive, Pyramid Group will help you design your perfect restaurant space.
  • Salons/Spas - Since getting a massage, facial, hair treatment or manicure is not a daily occurrence, we we want your customers to feel really special when they do take the time to visit your salon/spa.
  • Boutiques - Boutiques differentiate themselves from the average shopping outlet by catering to a more elite, sophisticated market. In order for your boutique to really make its mark, it needs to make a great first impression on your clientele.
Pyramid Group LLC is a professional NYC retail construction company that was established in 1996. We are 100% committed to any NYC retail construction project that we are hired for. If you are in need of retail construction in NYC or have any questions, call Pyramid Group today at 347-730-9488

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